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Kashrus Information

All of our products are Badatz Eidah Hachareidis

New! Including Belgian Chocolates!

To place an order with only closed packages please contact us or call at



Started a few years ago by a busy young wife and mother, The Peanut Gallery now delivers packages all over the country from its central location right next to Geulah. But the Peanut Gallery is much more than just a candy platter to a shalom zachor, a thinking-of-you-package to a son in Yeshiva, or a tzeidah laderech food package for a traveler.

With a wide selection of premium dried fruits, nuts, candies, fine Belgian chocolates, and just-perfect gift items, The Peanut Gallery will tailor a package to suit your specific needs.

Visiting Israel and need a gift for your host? No problem! Your friends or relatives taking that long overdue trip to the Holy Land? Surprise them with an elegant dried fruit platter, magnificent gift basket or tray of delectable chocolates delivered straight to their hotel, or order some for yourself and be spared the shopping trip. Every package that leaves The Peanut Gallery is made with the freshest ingredients, lovingly and artfully assembled to achieve the maximum Smile Power.


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