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This fabulous centerpiece featuring Haman and his 10 sons hanging from a tree measures over 2 feet tall!  It comes filled to the brim with goodies and crafts and will serve as a most exciting centerpiece at any Purim seuda!

Package includes:

1 Bottle Teperberg Vision wine

1 Bag of 21 individually wrapped Chocolate Fingers (Etzbaot)

4 Klik Cream chocolate bars

1 Bag of Hamantashen

1 Package of wafer rolls

1 Package of Reva L'sheva (dairy chocolate covered wafer rolls)

6 Packages of clown oodles

6 Long twisted marshmallow spirals

1 Large bag of Bisli

2 packages of fizz straws6

6 Packages of small candies

1 Purim coloring book

1 Purim diamond art craft

3 Paper clowns to color and pop out

3 Paper Purim tracers

6 Square clown puzzles

Purim Parade Centerpiece (2 ft high)

  • Actual contents may vary based on availability.

    Address and phone number must be included for delivery.

    In the case of wrong delivery address, there will be an additional delivery charge for re-delivery. Re-delivery cannot be guaranteed before Purim.

    Purim orders will be delivered during the week preceding Purim.

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